Posted by: Thomas | August 22, 2016

Santorini, Greece

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” ~ Cesare Pavese

Black sand beaches, crystal clear waters and whitewashed villages that cling to volcanic cliffs make the island of Santorini a wonder to behold. Santorini is essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion that occurred in the 16th century BC. This wonderful and very small island of about 16,000 residents belongs to Greece.

img_6862A very interesting fact is that the island of Santorini does not have any rivers and there is insufficient amount of water. Therefore a desalination plant is providing running, yet non-potable, water to most houses. Desalination is basically a process that removes minerals from saline water. Since rain is rare on the island from mid-spring till mid-autumn, many plants depend on the scant moisture provided by the common, early morning fog condensing on the ground as dew.

Since cities like Fira are on the top of the cliff, one can either walk about 600 steps in zig-zag pattern, take a cable car or ride a donkey. Donkey transportation was introduced way before cable car was built and it’s still a tourist attraction. The donkeys, very patient and strong animals that have been used around the img_6806world as working animals for about 5,000 years were indispensable for the building of hotels and houses on the top of the cliff and they transferred the material and the tools needed for the buildings and contributed to the touristic development of Santorini. Even though some people have expressed their disagreement on the way the donkeys are used nowadays because the animals are considered to have a bad time, one must take into consideration that these wonderful and strong animals are an inseparable part of the locals’ life and both humans and animals co-exist in a perfect cooperation. The islanders respect the donkeys for their perseverance.

There are many things one can do in beautiful and spectacular island of Santorini. One can spend a day at the beach, do a catamaran ride, visit a winery, dive into crystal clear water, climb an active volcano, experience real meaning of dinner with an amazing view of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, drink wine and cocktails till sunset and dance till dawn. Or simply have a small picnic basket and find a great spot to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. That’s the moment you will definitely remember for the rest of your life.

Many visitors come to Santorini to uncover the mysteries of the lost kingdom of Atlantis, while others revel in its relaxed mountaintop atmosphere to enjoy the scenic water of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of the reason one will definitely have an amazing time.



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