Posted by: Thomas | November 12, 2014

The Ultimate Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball Participants

Masquerade Ball Participants

For the first time in my life I have attended a four day event where participants attend in costume wearing a mask. This ultimate masquerade ball took place in a big and beautiful house in Savannah, Georgia. There were 20 participants in total representing different characters and coming from different parts of the world. My character was the Count Dracula. The event was a very big extravaganza with lots of laughter. The costumes were superb, and the entire production was phenomenal. The cast was incredible and very talented.

The entire four day event was packed with different activities from very gastronomical cooking through rehearsals, filming and to the award ceremony. The rehearsals took an entire day, the filming itself took another day and en entire evening, the mystery murder took place at night, and the award ceremony took place the following evening. It was an incredible event with a very busy schedule.

Savannah, Georgia was a very cute little town. The 20 people cast got divided into 4 groups that would compete against each other in cooking and group acting. The first day we all went separate ways to explore the city of Savannah and also to plan our cooking activity. Our group was assigned to make a phenomenal Thai-Latin fusion breakfast, which was a great success I must say. During the lunch time our group members got to know each other much better. The team was extraordinary and people were crazy funny. I was literally crying of laughter. Even though the ages ranged from 17 years all the way to about 50 we all clicked instantly.

Cooking experience was great. Very tiring at times and each team had to put lots of hours and effort to deliver the best culinary experience and amazing gastronomical food. The first dinner was Italian experience, where everyone around the table were acting as Italians and we all were singing Italian songs while the team that cooked six-course menu was serving us and delivering an amazing performance. After dinner we all danced, and had an amazing night.

The following day another team prepared an extraordinary Country Side French breakfast, which was actually served outside on the grass while a violinist was playing beautiful music. The food was delicious, and after the breakfast we all had to quickly change into masquerade costumes. The filming crew arrived around noon and we were filming entire day and entire evening different scenes. The ambiance was fantastic, and we all felt like we transformed ourselves back to 18th century.

My role was to play the handsome and seductive Count Dracula. To put my costume on and just to glue Dracula fangs took an hour and a half. Every single detail had to be perfect from makeup all the way to the entire costume. Of course I had to transform myself into a role of the Count Dracula and to act as one to the best of my abilities as I possibly could. My mask was an amazing and phenomenal half-face black mask of a bat, which was a perfect mask for my role since the Count Dracula transforms himself into a bat. One of the scenes was a flying scene which took number of takes, and I hope it will come up as desired.

Everyone’s costume was extraordinary and everyone put so much time and effort to put together an amazing show. I was literally blown away with skills and dedication of the people to put this event together. Even though there were lots of retakes and lots of hard work during the entire event nobody had complained, not even once and everyone did the best as they possibly could. Production was successful. I am so looking forward to see the final video of this production, which would be finalized and premiered two months after the event took place, just during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Mystery murder and acting was very fun. I have never attended such event before so it was definitely an experience for me. Although I was so into my character I slipped to pay attention to other people to solve the mystery murder. I did not solve the puzzle that was given to us, but it was fun to participate.

Dinner under a tent

Dinner under a tent

African dinner took place just before the award’s ceremony and that was a total African experience. Food was delicious and the entire ambiance

Serving breakfast at the pool

Serving breakfast at the pool

and décor was phenomenal. To experience true African culture everyone had to try to eat with their hands. The captain of the team explained everything about the food and the culture. This was an experience. Our group prepared Thai-Latin fusion breakfast that was served outside by the pool. The ambiance, décor and food were superb. Everyone complimented our imagination and attention to details. During the preparation, which took the entire night our team had so much fun. We sang, laughed and totally enjoyed our company and cooking. The service was first class service. During the day we had some time to relax at the pool and just enjoy beautiful day and a wonderful company.

Award ceremony took place very late at night, after midnight. Although everyone was extremely tired we all dressed up well to walk on the red carpet. There were about 20 different categories, and I was very happy to be nominated to most of the categories and to win a first place trophy and two medals. I won first place for the best waltz duo dance award, which was expected from me since I am a great dancer. Then I won second best most competitive award and second best most photogenic award. I was really positively surprised for these awards and very happy to receive them. I even presented the best red carpet look award at the award ceremony. This was definitely one of the ultimate masquerade ball events ever, and I have never heard or been at such phenomenal event and production. Hopefully our video will be aired in the near future on TV.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video.


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