Posted by: Thomas | March 27, 2013

The Island of Montréal

Having the job I have has its advantages and gives me great opportunity to travel and explore new destinations and wonderful places. My current project brought me to the city of Montréal, which is located on the Island of Montréal, which took its name from the same source as the city after the triple peaked hill called Mount Royal or Mont Réal as it was spelled back in the day in Middle French, and the hill is located in the very heart of the city. With its metropolitan population of over 3,8 million or 1,8 million in the urban area, the city of Montreal is the second largest in Canada and fifteenth largest in North America according to census data of 2011.

The weather is cold and it is snowing. Actually I like when it snows. It is spectacular, romantic and very beautiful when it snows. The streets are all white and covered with snow; people are dressed and wearing hats, scarf and gloves. You hear French in the background. Simply beautiful. It is nice on day 1 that is; however, on day 2 is totally another story. It is slushy and dirty everywhere. One should not wear nice shoes when walking on streets of Montréal during winter.

The city itself is beautiful and reminds me very much of European cities. Even though French is official language people of Montreal are bilingual and some speak three or more languages. Everyone is extremely nice and polite. People that you see on streets seem very happy and have smile on their faces. I enjoy my stay here and I just love when everyone greets you with Bonjour.


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