Posted by: Thomas | February 5, 2012


I spent a wonderful weekend in a very beautiful and peaceful Island of Bermuda. Bermuda, a British territory, is part of the Caribbean although it is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Only about 65,000 people live on this wonderful island of Bermudas. A taxi driver, who was 83 years young and was still driving cabs and has been driving them for the last 65 years, took me from the airport to the hotel where I was staying. He was very cleaver and said to me that “healthy is wealthy”. We had a nice conversation about life and Bermuda of course. He said the following to me: “Three things are important in life to have: a great health, a roof over your head and food on your table. When you have those three things everything else will fall into its place somehow.” That was very well said.

There were not many tourists during my visit, which was great for me. I had basically the whole beach just for myself. The view from the hotel room was fascinating. The hotel was on the beach itself. The weather was fantastic. I have spent some time on the beach, visited Hamilton, which is the capitol of Bermuda, eat and just enjoyed my time over there. Hamilton is very nice city with a few bars, restaurants and couple of clubs. Bermuda is excellent to relax and just to do nothing. It is little expensive but Bermuda is definitely worth a visit.

This weekend of February 3rd and 4th there was Bob Marley celebration, and they played his songs on the port in Hamilton. People were dancing and having fun. The locals were very friendly and nice. Everyone seemed to know everyone. People wave their hands to each other when passing by, or hunk the horn, and always have a smile on their face. Well, they are living in the paradise. Mark Twain once said “You die and go to heaven. I’ll stay here in Bermuda.”


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