Posted by: Thomas | March 18, 2011

Many Ways to Cross a Creek

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in front of a problem that we need to solve or metaphorically speaking we find ourselves in front of a big creek that we need to cross. There are actually many choices and quite a few ways to cross that creek and we just need to figure out the best way to do that. We could for example simply take off our shoes and socks and just wade in, or we could launch a canoe and paddle across. There are so many options. We could find or simply create a bridge and walk across. In life there will always be roadblocks and when we get to one and if we cannot simply go through, we have to try to go under, above or around. Each and every option offers us a different experience and each of these ways has potential vices and virtues, and what we must do is to explore all of our options first, and then choose the one that seems the most practical, logical and yet the most enjoyable.


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