Posted by: Thomas | March 26, 2010

Sofien from Paris

Wow, what a wonderful surprise. A very good friend of mine, Sofien, who currently live and work in Paris, France called me tonight. It was such a nice and wonderful surprise since I haven’t spoken to him in a while. Last time I saw him was last year when his wife was giving birth to their beautiful little princes Inez. They came to New York.

Sofien and I first met about 10 years ago in Dusseldorf, Germany. Both of us were working on a project and were fresh from the school. We connected immediately and became good friends. Then year later we both moved to Frankfurt, Germany, but Sofien stayed only for a few months there while I stayed for additional 4 years. He went back to his hometown Paris, France. We always kept in touch though.

It is always nice to hear from someone dear and tonight he really surprised me. It was so nice to hear from him and I was just thinking about him and his family. He made my weekend. And also tonight I found out that we work for the same company. Well he is employed by the company and I work as a consultant through a consulting company. I am planning now a trip to wonderful and beautiful city of Paris to visit my dear friends. Something to look forward to.


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