Posted by: Thomas | March 25, 2010

Me Staring in “Bump in the Night” Reality Show

Today I have spent the entire day on the set filming “Bump in the Night” reality show. It is a new pilot show and I had a small part in it. I had 5 different scenes with little dialog and it was such a great experience to be on the set. It is something different and fun. I have done modeling and photo shoots before, but never acted for a realty show.

The plot of this reality show and this episode was that a wife wanted to scare her husband, who was a macho man and apparently never got scared of anything. The show began with a host, Chris Tuner, who introduced the show and today’s episode. Then the host and the co-host, a wonderful lady came to visit the wife in her house to get more information about the husband and what he gets scared of. My role was to play a production assistant, the co-host’s assistant. My first scene was to pretend to hook up some hidden cameras in the house and pretend to set up some wires and remote controlled chips in the TV, which we would then have control over from the production room. It was all act and set up of course. It is a TV show. 🙂

My second scene was in the basement of the house where I was, once again, pretending to set up some more wires. Then the other scenes were all in the production room where I together with other production crew pretended to fire off through computers different sound effects in the house, make the mirrors and TV shake, make lamp fall off, etc. We had 3 different scenes there. I had to speak to say something like “Oh, wow, That was great. Wow, he really fell for it. Such a great job we did. It took me two days to set it up.” And some other lines like that. It was not that easy to pretend that it was actually happening but we did a great job. We had a few takes each and we had lots of fun.

The filming took entire day actually and we were filming in Wantagh, Long Island. I also helped making different sound effects, like knocking on the door, shaking the lamps and making them fall off the cabinet. This episode is a pilot episode and hopefully some of the networks will like it and air it on TV. That is the goal. I will get the edited copy in 4 weeks once it has been completed and share some small parts with you. Thanks to editing the show will be great. 🙂

Today a small TV show and tomorrow the Oscars. 🙂


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