Posted by: Thomas | February 14, 2010

Carnival Opening Night in Rio, Brasil

On Friday it was the official opening night of Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro. Even though unofficially people are celebrating for 2 weeks in Rio, officially the carnival is only 4 days with non stop festivities.

I’ll write more about Carnival tradition and celebration later, right now we are very busy celebrating.
Yesterday after the beach we were dancing samba on the streets with thousands of people, then we went to downtown Rio to a local club where they only played Samba music. The live band that played was great. I have danced like never before till about 5am, then I grabbed something to eat, waited for my friends to get back from another club and went to bed around 9am.

I wanted to experienced real local samba and party so I went with one friend of mine to downtown Rio instead of the mainstream club. We were dancing on the streets with thousands of people, which was crazy. And one lady tried to take money from my pocket, but I was very careful so nothing happened. Anyway, we got up at 1pm, after only 3 hours of sleep and went straight to the beach, which by the way was crazy packed. We couldn’t find a spot for us so we had to stand and tan.

Then around 6pm we joined the samba carnival on the streets, danced a lot with hundred of thousands of people and I had an amazing time. We were still in our swim wear, and in Brasil everyone is so that’s totally fine. We got back to the apartment at midnight, after eating excellent Brazilian food, showered, changed and went of to a very big club in downtown Rio. This particular party goes till noon tomorrow, so we’ll see how long we will stay. I do know we are going to a beach party at 2pm tomorrow, so we should be home before then to change. Anyway, I have to go now, my friends are waiting on me. Carnival celebration in Rio continues.


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