Posted by: Thomas | February 12, 2010

A wonderful day in beautiful Rio

Very clear sky, very sunny and 99 degrees (37 C) today in Rio de Janeiro.
First we bought some of the tickets for this carnival week. There are lots of big parties happening this week so we wanted to make sure to get our tickets in advance. The price for tickets for different parties has already doubled. We got VIP tickets for Saturday and Sunday. For Sambadrome I still have to get my ticket. The cheapest ticket is about US$300 just for one night party. Oh well, you only live once.

Today we spent the entire day at the beautiful, World’s number one and sexiest beach, Ipanema. Even though the beach is very wide and pretty long (a few miles) it was still packed. It was so packed that you can’t stretch your legs. If you want to get some sun tan then you need to stand up and tan. Seriously, it is so busy and packed.

Since I wasn’t at the beach since November 2009 I had to take it very slow and easy today so I don’t burn. For the most part I was sitting in a chair under the umbrella and observing people.

The water was also very nice, clear and warm but yet refreshing. I was in the ocean as much as I could. I love being on the beach especially when there is so many people and you never know what can happen next. People are having fun, playing valley boll, drinking, tanning, talking, there are people selling different kinds of things on the beach from food and drinks to hats and souvenirs. There were also people walking around on the beach and playing live Brazilian music, which was great.

On the Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro there is so much going on that one is never bored. There is always something interesting happening. Also, it is very relaxing and I did rest today.

After the beach we went to a restaurant to eat real natural Brazilian food, which is so delicious. Then we went home to rest, change and get ready for tonight. There are some parties tonight in Ipanema and Copacabana, and there are also some samba parties in downtown Rio so we still don’t know where we are going but I am looking forward and I am sure it will be great no matter where we go. Last night we went to a club in Ipanema and it was great. They had a live samba show as well and everyone danced on the dance floor. I love Brasil.


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