Posted by: Thomas | February 10, 2010

Business Class to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Boarding started on time around 9pm and both my friend and I got upgraded to business class. They changed the aircraft in Chicago to a bigger one, Boeing 777 because the plane from Washington DC was cancelled due to bad weather so this aircraft needs to pick up additional passengers on its way back.

Luckily we chose to connect in Chicago. Usually we always connect in Washington DC but this time we wanted to experience the new bigger and improved business class on Boeing 767, which didn’t happen but at least we are going to Rio.

Weather in Chicago was getting worse and we thought our flight would be cancelled too, which luckily did not. Although the flight was delayed by 3 hours due to minor mechanical problem that was corrected we finally took off and the destination is hot and sunny 100 degrees beautiful Rio de Janeiro.

Actually we were so lucky because this was the last flight out of Chicago, DC or New York until Friday. All flights are cancelled due to the snow storm. Wow, I am so happy we made it. Also, we just heard that there was an earthquake in Chicago too this morning just after we left.

The flight took about 10 hours. Just before we boarded the aircraft we saw a guy who we met in Rio last time we went there in November. It was so funny to see him. In November when we met him for the first time he and his friend were sitting just next to us in business class. And now this time he was sitting next to us as well in business. The World is very small. He gave us all the scoops about the carnival and how to get good tickets for Sambadrome and other carnival parties. It was very helpful and luckily we met him to give us some carnival tips and hints. Rio here we come.


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