Posted by: Thomas | February 9, 2010

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Our flight to Rio de Janeiro is still scheduled to be on time at 930pm tonight from Chicago. There is a storm coming and apparently will hit Chicago at around 11pm and then later it will hit New York area. I am hoping that we depart on time.

Due to the storm and lots of snow in many parts of the United States, United Airlines were forced to cancel about 800 flights only today. The weather in New York is very good and sunny. It is about 45 degrees. I haven’t seen any snow yet, but to be on the save side my friend and I took an earlier flight to Chicago since we saw that lots of afternoon flights to Chicago are getting cancelled.
The flight was full and on time. We arrived at 530pm in Chicago, about 4 hours before our connecting flight to warm and sunny 90 degrees Rio. In Chicago there is lots of snow at the moment and it is still snowing, but not that bad, so hopefully we can get out of here on time tonight.

Right now we are in United’s Red Carpet club relaxing, having a drink and reading a paper.


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