Posted by: Thomas | February 3, 2010

Opportunities and New Assignment

Life is full of surprises and great opportunities and it is up to us to take the advantage of it or just let it go. But once an opportunity knocks on our door we should definitely answer and evaluate if it is a really a good opportunity or not. And if there are more advantages than disadvantages we should just go for it, simple, right? Well, it is not always that simple, although life should be relatively simple but unfortunately we make it complicated and complex.

According to the definition an opportunity is “a good chance for advanced or progress”. In every situation we need to look for opportunities, for a chance to advance. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they are not. This is all logical and common sense. In any case, what I am facing right now is a choice between multiple great opportunities, which is excellent. It is much better to have choices than not. So the question is “which one should I chose”. These are all work related opportunities, and I am very grateful that I have choices in today’s bad economy and bad job situation.

My real concern is to choose something that will last long and be good for advancement of my career and at the same time to be challenging, interesting and exciting. Unfortunately we don’t know until we try so we need to take chances and risks. Someone once said that the best way of living is not knowing how the day would end, and I like that saying and I am trying to live that philosophy.

In any case, I will certainly do everything what’s in my power to make it work and whatever I chose, I will make it to be the best fit for me. Positive thinking 🙂 Life is full of choices after all.

Also, the best compliment I have ever got so far was from my current client project manager who said “The best always come back, and you’ll be back”. That was very nice from her. I felt special. 🙂 Well, my new assignment – here I come.


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