Posted by: Thomas | February 2, 2010

A Lucky Day

Wow, today was a really lucky day for my friend and I, and we celebrated by going out for a nice dinner and bowling with some friends. Our friend Sanne from Holland is visiting for a few days and she had escargots for appetizers, which apparently were delicious. I didn’t dare to try them. After couple of cocktails, we went to Lucky’s bowling alley, which unfortunately was booked for a private party, so we went to Chelsea pear 300 bowling alley instead.

My dear friend Shawn joined us for bowling, who thought that he would win when playing against me. Well, he had a wild dream that did not come true. The first game he lost of course. I didn’t expect anything else except me to win of course. Then the rest of the evening we didn’t count who won or lost, it wasn’t that important. We just enjoyed the great company of each other and delicious champagne. After 3 bottles of champagne I got little tipsy.

Tonight was a great and unforgettable night celebrated with my dear friends. An excellent night actually with lots of fun, laughter and just great time.


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