Posted by: Thomas | January 27, 2010

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, New York, January 27th, 2010

Mr. Perry – THANK YOU. Thank you very much for bringing Madea to me, and thank you so much for making me laugh, cry of laughter, feel great, learn and just have two hours of excellent and unforgettable time.

Tonight I was privileged and one of the lucky ones to see Madea live on the stage. My friend and I had front row seats in center orchestra at WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York. Oh, I fought on the phone for those seats. Even though I immediately went online to purchase tickets when presale started, I could not get anything in the center orchestra. Then the day after, first thing when all tickets went on sale for public I went online and called Ticketmaster and still I could not get first 5 rows in center orchestra. While I was talking for an hour with the sales agent I also went to other sites and I saw that they do have great center orchestra seats but for double or triple price. So, after I was not accepting no for an answer the sales person asked me if I had American Express credit card, which luckily I had. So I got my front row seats for original price. Unbelievable. All those seats are reserved for American Express card holders, which is wrong in my opinion. Luckily I have one so I could get the 1st row seat, but it is not fair towards all other people who don’t have American Express card. Anyway. Now back to Mr. Perry, who is brilliant by the way and was worth fighting for the tickets.

Both my friend and I are big Tyler Perry and Madea fans. I have every single play and every single movie on DVD that I am watching a couple of times a week. Madea is hilarious and very funny. And she is so real and honest. I just love her.

Tyler Perry, who is a creator of Madea, is finally on the road again after 5 years, and I am very grateful for that. Although Mr. Perry, at the end of the show, said that he is thankful for us being there for him, I must say that I am very thankful for him being there for us and doing Madea ones again live on the stage just for us. It is so much better and much more fun watching Madea live on the stage than on TV. The show was really great. It was a very nice and touching story and only Madea could deliver it in the most fun, intelligent and hilarious way.

Madea’s Big Happy Family” is about a lady who is terminally ill and wants to gather all her family together to give them the news and at the same time she hopes that it draws them closer to each other and to God. Unfortunately her family is like everyone else’s family all over the place and everyone is just focusing on their own business, so it is up to Madea, the Matriarch General in charge, to put everyone in check and to solve all the family problems.

Tyler Perry, who is playing Madea, has done an excellent job by having Madea put the family life in perspective with a hilarious twist on many family issues like financial difficulties, drugs, and most importantly the family secrets. Of course, all of these things and lessens that Madea is trying to teach us, are all common sense and logical, but we as human beings must repeat these things until they get stuck and become like a root in our head. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once long time ago said “All intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again.

Thank you once again, Tyler Perry, for a masterpiece and bringing Madea back.



  1. Well said! Tyler Perry is great and his plays, movies, charities are all examples of just how amazing this one man is!
    I remember seeing his plays for the first time in the south and they, of course, well all touching and taught lessons to everyone. Even if you think that you are just going in for laughs, you go out learning a life lesson.
    Tyler Perry has come a long way and he really hasn’t forgotten where he came from or change the noble person that he is due to all the fame and success.
    Its truly a blessing to have him proect encouraging words and life lessons into everyone, who has a chance to see him, homes and hearts!

    Tyler Perry
    R. R
    U. I
    L. C
    Y. E

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