Posted by: Thomas | January 2, 2010

My Dad’s 56th Birthday

My Dad’s 56 Birthday was actually celebrated in Sweden on September 26th, 2009, just one week after his birthday on September 19th. We had so much fun and that was the day to remember. It was so nice to just be with your family and people who you love and who love you with no expectations to love them back. Amazing day with my dearest family members, my dad, my mom, my younger brother, his wife and his 2 year young son (my little adorable nephew Junior), and some dear friends. For my dad’s birthday I made a family video of about 20 minutes with lots of great things and here is just a little 2 minute preview of that day that is so dear to me.



  1. What a great celebration! I agree that the best and most heartfelt moments are those moments and special events that you share with your family. Your family is where feeling good doesn’t ever cost a thing and their love is always enough for you. Happy Belated Birthday to your father who raised an amazing son, you.

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