Posted by: Thomas | January 1, 2010

New Year 2010 with Mariah Carey, live at Madison, New York

What a better way to finish 2009 and start onto 2010 than with Mariah Carey. The concert started at 9pm with special guest Trey Songz. Then Mariah Carey came out at 11pm in the red sleight above the audience singing her remixed version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. The entrance was very good and well executed. The audience loved it. Although the concert was not sold out there were still lots of people.

Mariah Carey is known for delivering her vocal skills and big Diva personality as she also proclaimed herself by saying “They say I’m a diva so, might as well act like one”, than her stage shows and the concert. Mariah continued the New Year’s Eve concert with songs “Touch My Body”, “H.A.T.E.U.”, “Make it Happen”, “Angels Cry”, and just before “Subtle Invitation” she requested champagne, which she got on the stage. I was very lucky to get great floor seats, 2nd row from the stage, so I could see her up-close. She looked fantastic and phenomenal. She will be 40 years young in March 2010 and she looks great.

Just before countdown to midnight she sang “It’s Like That”, “We Belong Together” and “Fantasy”, which she had to stop to count down to the New Year and at exactly at midnight lots of confetti, balloons and streamers filled the floor. Her crew marched on the stage and start dancing with each other and just having a great time and celebrating 2010.

The first song in 2010 she performed was “Obsessed” followed by “Migrate”, “More Than Just Friends”, “Emotions” and she finished the show with “Hero”. Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon rocked on the stage encouraging the crowd to scream and have fun. At the end they kissed each other and left the stage saying “Happy New Year 2010” and “I love you so much”.

I was very happy being on the concert especially since it was New Year’s Eve and celebrating with Mariah Carey; however, I was little disappointed with the concert. First, the concert was too short. It was only 1 hour and 20 minutes. She only did like 13 or 14 songs. Second, the dancers were doing mistakes and they were not giving their best. There were many things that were missing. The concert was un-rehearsed, which is OK but Mariah Carey could have done better I think. I didn’t expect her to dance and to have spectacular show with lots of dance acts, visuals, big screens, great stage, but at the minimum I would have expect 2 hours concert and more than just 2 dress changes. Anyways, it was an OK show, nothing spectacular. For a little peak of this night please see the video below.

The 2010 New Year’s celebration started at Madison Square Garden in New York with Mariah Carey live in concert; continued at some of the New York’s clubs and the 2010 celebration will last for the next 365 days and nights until it is time to celebrate the next New Year 2011. There is nothing else left but just to be happy and appreciate every single moment in life and live it to the fullest with no regrets. The only way is the way forward – no turning back.

Happy New Year 2010 with lots of great health, love, success, joy, happiness, luck and all the best. Make sure you enjoy and relax more in 2010. We have only one life as far as we know and let’s make it a great one.


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