Posted by: Thomas | December 5, 2009

Art Exhibition, Miami 2009

This weekend is Art Exhibition in Miami. I was in Miami during the Art Design Expo last year as well, and even this year the turnaround was small.

The artists and designers from all around the world (US, Greece, Japan, etc) gather once a year in Miami to show their fabulous and not so fabulous master pieces. We went to South Beach to a few hotels on Collins Avenue where the exhibitions were held. Then we went to the Design District in Miami. There were lots of fabulous expensive art, and lots of not so fabulous but still expensive art.

I am not sure why but there were not so many buyers or people in general who are interested in art and are there just to look. The galleries were almost empty. Personally I didn’t find anything I could afford or liked something so much that I absolutely must have.



  1. That’s the great thing about art, when you love it, you really love it. But when you dislike it, you really dislike it. Its a win-win or a lose-lose no in betweens when buying a piece that cost more then most people make in a month. But the upside is you were in Miami if the art in the galleries weren’t good the art around the beach I’m sure were.

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