Posted by: Thomas | December 2, 2009

Serendipity Restaurant, New York

Since it has been featured on Oprah and a movie “Serendipity” was filmed at this place I decided to go and check this restaurant out. We made a reservation in advance, which I do recommend everyone to do if you are planning to have lunch or dinner at the Serendipity restaurant, otherwise the waiting time is about 45 minutes to an hour.

The ambient is good, very small and cute cozy little place, which I originally thought only served deserts but they also do serve lunch and dinner. It is American cuisine and the food portions are very big. We order the appetizer; skin potato with caviar, which was delicious. Then for the main dish I ordered roasted half-chicken and my friend ordered Diva Chicken (chicken breast), which were just OK. When I saw how big the portions were I lost my appetite immediately. Usually I am spoiled with French and Italian cuisine where the portions are tiny and delicious and served with wine.

Their favorite Hot Frozen Chocolate drink was good, but not something you need to try before you die as people have referred it to. It is little overrated. The Hot Frozen chocolate is good, and you should try it but if you don’t, you are not missing much. I prefer Hot “Hot” chocolate and if you want to try real hot chocolate drink then you need to go to Barcelona, Spain – now that’s the hot chocolate drink, and that’s the drink you need to try before you die.

Serendipity 3 restaurant is more for families with kids and tourists to experience something different. Overall, it was a good experience and I would give 3 out of 5 starts to the Serendipity Restaurant in New York



  1. I’ve always wondered about this restaurant and glad to hear your feedback about it. I won’t put it on my top 10 list of things to accomplish in 2010 but I make sure I experience it before 2011 jajaja. What does it mean btw hot frozen hot chocolate? Is the beverage hot, in a frozen glass with hot fudge or something similar? I think I would perfer something a little less complicated sometime the good ole fashion hot chocolate is the best!

  2. hot frozen chocolate is basically frozen chocolate.. nothing hot 🙂 but usually it is hot chocolate, so in this case, lots of ice has been added and blended with chocolate and milk. well, nothing special. .i prefer HOT Chocolate 🙂

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