Posted by: Thomas | November 27, 2009

My Blog was featured

One of the articles I wrote on my Blog got featured on Ruba is apparently a visual travel guide and tour review site that helps travelers from around the world discover their next perfect trip. They were searching among thousands of articles about India and fell in love with my article “Sightseeing in Mumbai” that I wrote last year. I wrote actually many articles such as “Taj Mahal” and other articles about my experience in India and tried to capture every day of the 6 months I lived in India. Some of my colleagues just told me about the movie “Outsourcing”, which I haven’t seen yet, but apparently almost all of my own experiences working in India they could see in the movie. Anyway, it was good to be featured on one of the travel sites like Ruba, especially since I love to travel and have been travelling to almost all parts of this beautiful World.

I would like to finish today’s short blog by quoting St. Augustine, one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.



  1. I have been to India before but never been to Mumbai. I only visited parts of North India, Eastern India and all over South India and a place called Gujarat.

    • Yes, you should definitely go and visit Mumbai too.

  2. The reason why I visited India last year was mainly for anthropological reasons but I would love to visit Mumbai sometime in the near future.

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