Posted by: Thomas | November 26, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Tina Turner

Today, November 26th, 2009, the legendary Tina Turner is celebrating 70th birthday, and after 5 decades spanning career she is still Simply The Best. I was privileged to see her live in concert 7 times on her Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour. Miss Tina Turner is incredible and amazing. So much energy and positive attitude. 70 years young and still looks incredible. Tina Turner is living proof that if a person takes care of him or herself 70 is really nothing.

Tina Turner, you are my inspiration and I love you very much. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and lots of sweet little surprises to come along your way. I hope that your next 70 years will be as good as this one and much better. I hope to see you one more time live in concert, and I know you will not rest your dancing shoes until you are at least 90.

All the Best and see you again live in concert. Happy 70th Birthday.



  1. Wow, she looks great! When is her birthday exactly? I know you has a BLAST!

    • Yeah, she looks fantastic, amazing, fabulous. Tina Turner was born on November 26, 1939. 🙂 I love her.

  2. Tina Tina Tina!!!! What an amazing individual whose risen from so much in her life. From a very young age when her mother left her to live with her grandmother, to Tina moving back with her mom when her grandmother died, to being discovered while singing at an “amatuer” showcase in a bar for Ike Turner, to being his wife going through the abuse and being that lotus is the mud that arose from the depths! What an amazing woman!!! My mom loves this lady with all of her heart, Tina helped my mom through tough times with her song “what’s love got to do with it” and “fight no more”. I love tina for helping me identify my mom as being “simply the best” and I know that Tina sings ” we don’t need another hero” but Tina my mother did and so did I and you were that hero! Great blog Thomas!

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