Posted by: Thomas | September 25, 2009

Junior’s Dancing Moments

Today my dear brother and his 2 year old son Junior surprised us with a visit at my parents’ house in Sweden. That was great to see my little nephew again. We had so much fun dancing, laughing, talking and playing with Junior.

My dear nephew copies everything what we adults do. If we are laud he wants to be laud too; if we sing he sings too, although he doesn’t even speak; if we laugh he just laughs too; he is so cute and adorable. We played some music for him today and he danced the entire time till he got tired. He laughed to him self. He noticed that when my dad sings he hits the table with his hand as a sign of happiness and that he enjoys the song and says “Opaa”. Well, my dear sweet nephew did the same thing. He was dancing with hands all up in the air and then in the middle he just hit the table said “Opaa” and continued dancing.

That was so cute. He continued dancing with his hands all up in the air and then he took his bottle and said “Cheers” and drank his drink. Wow, kids are so smart and adorable. Below is a small video of my 2 year old nephew dancing.



  1. Too adorable for words! I remember when my mom use to tell me that I repeated after adults and dnaced throughout the house when I was a child, but I don’t remember it. I always ask her to prove it but she would go to another family member and ask them of course they would agree with her, its family. Video is very good, so when he gets older and doesn’t remember you have the proof. Again too adorable for words!

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