Posted by: Thomas | August 17, 2009

Dining at Versace Mansion and Airboat ride through the Everglades

Last week I went to South Beach, Miami to rejuvenate and to avoid series of health hazards like higher stress, burnout, sleeplessness, heart disease and more. Vacation is of course an essential element of any job and gives many benefits from a business perspective. Miami with its beautiful beaches, everglades and great hot weather is one of the most exciting destinations in the World.

I have been in Miami – South Beach to be more specific – numerous of times and it is an excellent place to relax and a great place for dancing, especially if you like salsa and Latin dances like I do. One of my favorite clubs is called “Mango’s” and it’s located on Ocean drive, in the middle of the tourist area. Another two clubs that I prefer are called “Crobar” and “Mansion”, which are some of the World’s largest and most popular nigh-clubs and are located on Washington Street, which is one of the best known streets in South Beach and runs in parallel with Collins Street and Ocean Drive. Another interesting fact that I like about South Beach is that it is a model shoot capital of the United States and it is home for more than 1,500 models, with many more arriving during the high season (October to March).

“Casa Casuarina”, former Gianni Versace’s house is now open for the public, so we had a delicious brunch at the famed Versace Mansion, which is an oasis for the privileged few. We had an option to dine at the private Versace dinning Medusa room or in the Spanish style inner Courtyard. We chose to have food served in his Courtyard. It was lighter in the courtyard. If you desire luxurious dinning and staying while visiting South Beach I recommend Versace Mansion, “Casa Casuarina”. This exquisitely preserved 1930s Mansion showcases unparalleled architectural and design details, intricate stone and marble work, detailed renaissance-style mosaics and frescoes designed by creative artists such as Alden Freeman and Fashion Designer, Gianni Versace, who made substantial changes to the property. Versace exquisitely restored, expanded, and embellished its features.

We also took the Airboat ride through Everglades to see wildlife and we saw alligators, turtles, snakes and some exotic birds. Since I love adventure I was holding a baby alligator in my hands. That was cool and the baby alligator had very sharp teeth. The baby alligator was only a year old and was making very high noise like screaming for help I guess. We couldn’t hold him for too long since the big mama alligator was running fast from the bushes to rescue his baby alligator, so we had to run back on the airboat.

There was an amazing amount of alligators we saw and drove over with the airboat. It was thrilling, fun and exciting. An airboat ride through the glades is a must for anyone visiting the Everglades.



  1. The Versace Mansion is amazing!!!! Glad to hear someone else experienced this mecca of all meccas!! Its truly a beautiful place and very well designed!
    It sooo funny about the baby gator “screaming” for help. Where you trying to make alligator slippers? They are very popular I hear in south beach, jajajaja.

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