Posted by: Thomas | July 4, 2009

Bar-Hopping in My Famous V-Neck T-Shirt

It was a very interesting and exciting day for me today that ended with lots of great compliments. Well, a few weeks back I was on my way to the gym and just when I got to the gym I realized that I forgot my gym t-shirt, so I stopped to the first store I saw next to my gym and got the first t-shirt I saw in the store. I only paid like $25 dollars for the t-shirt. However, today I decided to wear that t-shirt to a club and it turns to be the sexiest t-shirt ever.  🙂

It is a very simple green V-neck T-Shirt. As soon as I went outside of my house a few people commented the t-shirt, which caught me with a surprise. In the club everyone loved it. Interesting how something so simple and random can be so sexy and get everyone’s attention. And sometimes when you spend hours in getting ready and you think it is all on its place then nobody notice you, but sometimes when you spend least effort and “boom” – you are the center of the attention, in a good way that is of course.

My friend Mel and I went bar hopping today. We started in midtown then went to Lower East Side, an area that I don’t hang out so much around, but it was very nice. We went to a bar to see some random bands play live. One of my friend’s friend was playing so we went to check it out. It was very nice actually to see random local bands play different kind of music. After 3rd band we moved to Hells Kitchen to some random bar, which was packed, so we went to another bar, which was also in Hells Kitchen area. It was very nice and interesting evening full of sweet and nice surprises.  🙂


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