Posted by: Thomas | June 22, 2009

Beyonce Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, June 21st, 2009

Tonight at Madison Square Garden in New York City Beyonce opened her American “I Am …” Tour. This extraordinary and amazing lady delivered an extraordinary and amazing show tonight. The 2 hour long and almost sold-out show that was opened by four young ladies that call themselves “Rich Girl” was spectacular. My favorite part was when she in the middle of the show “flew” from the main stage to the center B-stage, so her fans further down from the main stage could see her. See below a short video when she “flew” all over the audience. Spectacular!!!

As a special surprise for tonight’s performance Jay-Z came out on the stage and sang a song together with Beyonce.

What I like about Beyonce is that she is real. She knows how to feel the audience and she is not afraid of going into the audience and sing with them. She can make everyone in the audience feel good and happy for that moment. She went down from the stage and sang with the people in the audience. The touch with the audience is something that many other artists miss now days. I am pretty sure that if Beyonce continues to deliver this quality in her songs, voice and performance, she will be like one and only Tina Turner. We love you Beyonce and thank you for an excellent show tonight at MSG in New York.

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  1. Her concert was great wasn’t it! I was there the day before and she blew me away!!!!! I sanged to every song and and felt the connection with her! She is truly an amazing performer and thinks solely about her fans and how she can make them happy and have everyone see her in concert. Its why she wears the sequinced outfits so even the person with the worst seats can still see her.

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