Posted by: Thomas | May 22, 2009

On My Way to Hawaii

I am so excited about my little vacation to Hawaii. Hawaii Islands are my favorite vacation place on Earth. The first time I visited Oahu, Hawaii was in June 1999 when I was living and studying in New Zealand. Back then, and even today, I was so excited about going to Hawaii so I skipped on purpose my exam in “Artificial Intelligence” and stayed two months in Waikiki (I took the exam 6 months later at University of Sweden instead). After just a couple of weeks in Hawaii I got a very nice tan, since I was always on the beach and everyone called me “Beach Boy” and thought I was local.

Anyway, back then I promised myself to visit Hawaii every single year, and that is what I am trying to do since then. Usually I stay longer than just 10 days, but this time I could not get so much time off of work so I am staying only for 10 days.

This trip is going to be a very special one because this is my first time to Maui, it is my birthday tomorrow on May 23rd, my godson from Sweden is also joining me on this trip and it is his big 18th birthday also tomorrow May 23rd, and one of my dearest and best friends, who is from Big Island of Hawaii is also coming. Yeah, three of us are going to have blast and we have two birthdays on the same day to celebrate. The best way to celebrate is to be on the most beautiful and magical place on Earth, Hawaii and to do lots of adventurous and unforgettable things such as diving with sharks.  

So far I was always on Oahu and a few times on the Big Island of Hawaii. This time we are going to Maui first to celebrate our birthdays where we are staying 3 nights, and then we are going to Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii for 2 nights where we are going to meet my friend’s brother and his family. They live on the other side of the island in a small town called Waimea and I visited them last year, which was another fantastic and fabulous trip. After Big Island we are flying to Waikiki, Oahu where we are going to spend another 6 nights.

We have so many plans to do and see. Probably the highlight of this trip will be diving with the big huge sharks and skydiving from 14,000 feet. I have skydived before but neither by godson nor my best friend jumped from the aircraft before so this will be my little surprise and present to them. Also, another surprise for my godson and my friend is diving with sharks. Of course we will be in a safe (I hope) cage so that sharks can’t attack and eat us. There are some other activities we have planned as well and we all are very excited about this trip.

My friend is on a visit in Europe (Budapest and Germany), so he is flying directly from Frankfurt, Germany to Maui, and he is the first one to arrive there. I am flying from New York City via San Francisco and I am second one to arrive. My dear Godson Melvin is flying from Copenhagen, Denmark via New York to Hawaii. He is the last to arrive and we have a very tight connection from Honolulu to Maui. Only 45 minutes for Melvin to re-check in his bags and get the new boarding pass. I was waiting for him at the Honolulu airport at the baggage claim. Unfortunately we missed the connection since we needed to change the terminals. There were a few other flights and there all were fully booked, but a very nice lady at the first class counter helped us. We just had to pay $50 change fee per person. Yes, I skipped the very big line and went directly to the first class check in counter. Our flight departed at 9pm. Hawaii, here we come.


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