Posted by: Thomas | May 5, 2009

Why, people why?

Why do people, who first of all don’t know how to sing, sing loud when they listen to their iPods while riding the public transportation in the early mornings? Well, I do understand that singing is good and that makes some people happy, but why on this Earth they have to sing loud when riding subway? They should sing in the shower where nobody can hear them.
I definitely don’t want to hear people with their lousy voices producing those incredibly terrible noises while standing smelly next to me and you cannot move because the train is over packed. And the funny things is they don’t even sing correctly, they say few words here and there, and of course since they are listening to iPod nobody around them can hear the music they are listening to.

The worst part is when the song has high pitch, oh, Lord of Mercy, they just out of the blue start making that high voice and it is terrible. Terrible, terrible and just terrible. This morning I got scared when this guy next me start screaming. I almost got a heart attach. 🙂 And he didn’t even realized what he did, so he just kept mumbling the words from the song. I couldn’t wait to get to my stop, which took 20 very long minutes of terrible performance.
Oh, Lord of Mercy, maybe it’s just me, who woke on a bad side of the bed today.


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