Posted by: Thomas | November 24, 2008

One more time, Tina Turner, Washington DC, Nov 24th, 2009

Incredible Tina Turner is of course still rocking. This is my 4th show from her 2008/2009 50th anniversary tour. I am so excited. Yes, I love Tina Turner and I am doing as many shows as I can. She is the best.

This show was a surprise show for me too. When I got to the office on November 18th, 2008, just the day after I saw Tina Turner live in Boston, I went online to see where she would perform next (just out of curiosity). One of my colleagues was asking me what I was doing and I convinced him to go and see her together with me in Washington DC. It wasn’t so difficult to convince him so I didn’t need to use all of my great negotiation skills, so we immediately booked the tickets online.

He took his dad’s car and we drove to Washington DC. The ride only took a couple of hours from New York. Before the show we went to a restaurant for dinner and we both were very excited about the concert. I was so excited like it was my first. Tina Turner was incredible and the show was phenomenal. After the intermission the entire audience sang “Happy Birthday” song to Tina Turner. Well, her real birthday is on November 26th, two days later, but we just wanted to sing a Happy Birthday song to her. She is turning incredible 69 years. Ms. Turner is in her 70s and still looking fabulous and has great energy and delivers brilliant show every single time.

Since I am a big Tina Turner fan and love her music I was standing for the most of the time, and it is a rock concert, so please give me a break, we are supposed to stand and jump in the air. However, one of the ladies who was sitting just behind me yelled and screamed at me and told me with an attitude to sit down. She actually pulled me for my shirt, which I didn’t like. If she would have asked me nicely and politely I probably would have sit down (I might have), but since she gave me that attitude I didn’t. I just gave her “the look” with an attitude and started enjoying myself. I totally ignored her and all the other people who were screaming “sit down, sit down”. They must have confused me with someone who gives a damn.
If they want to sit down they should have bought the front row ticket, sorry. And this is a rock concert and I paid to enjoy and have fun. If this would be someone who sings slow songs then of course I would be sitting, but hey, this is Queen of Rock, one and only Tina Turner. Yes, I sat during the slow songs such as “Help” and “Let’s stay together”, but the rest I was up and jumping and having the best time of my life. My colleague who was next to me supported me, and many other people around. In all other places I saw Tina Turner such as Miami (which was the best), Boston, Chicago, everyone had fun and were standing. Only Washington DC people were sitting. Hm.

Anyway, at the end of the show, one gentlemen approached me and told me that he saw Tina Turner over 20 times and by the time she would be done with this tour he would have seen her 50 times. He was from Netherlands, and a very big fan of Tina Turner. He showed me some pictures of him singing with Tina Turner on the stage. However, he said that he has never seen anyone so enthusiastic on a concert ever and despite all booing on me to sit down (which he heard), he wanted to shake my hand for just being so enthusiastic and happy, and he gave me a double CD with all Tina Turner songs, which she performed on the concert. That was so nice of him. He had it for himself but thought he would give it to me. Wow, I was touched.


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