Posted by: Thomas | November 17, 2008

Tina Turner, One More Time Live in Concert, Boston, November 17th, 2008

Incredible Tina Turner is still rocking. I have seen her 50th anniversary one more time live in concert show in Chicago, Miami and today in Boston. Yes, I love Tina Turner and I am doing as many shows as I can. She is still simply the best, incredible and the most energetic person I have ever seen.

I took China Bus from China Town, New York today.  The ride was about 4 hours. I have never been in Boston so it was nice to see the city as well. One of my friends, who lives in Boston, met me at the bus terminal. He was very kind to show me the city and around 6pm we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Boston seems to be a nice and small town. It was little bit quite for me and not so many people on the streets. I prefer cities like New York though.

Anyway, I wanted to take some pictures with my camera and realized I forgot the battery for the camera at home on the charger. Yeah, I knew I would forget something. So, instead of buying a new battery I bought a new camera. Yes, that’s me. Well, I wanted to upgrade my camera anyway. The new one has 7x optical zoom instead of 3x. The seller was so kind and charged the battery for me so I could use it tonight and take great shots of one and only Tina Turner.

The concert started around 8pm and of course from the very start to the very end the audience was on their feet, screaming, singing and just having the best time of their lives. So was I. I was screaming “Tina, Tina” as much as I could and was singing, jumping, dancing and just having the best time of my life. She is unbelievable. So much energy. She pulled of the best show ever. I was very happy to see her again. She is 69 years young and still looking fabulous. At the very end I lost my voice so I could not say anything. All of my screaming I guess made me to loose my voice. I tried to scream laud “Tina, I love you”, but I couldn’t say it laud. I could not talk for a few hours. Below are some pictures from the show.

The concert ended around 10:45pm and I immediately took a cab to the bus station. The bus to New York left at 11:30pm so it was perfect timing. I got home around 4am, and it was an incredible night that I will always remember.



  1. i don’t know what’s more entertaining – the fact you went to boston to see tina turner or the fact you took a chinatown bus to boston? heheh. either way, it sounds like you had fun. 🙂

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