Posted by: Thomas | November 2, 2008

Sunday in Miami

Since I got home around 8:30am this morning and I was out dancing all other nights before I felt little tired today so I slept until 4pm. It was good to rest. Bernardito picked me up around 5pm and we went first to see some of his friends. One of his friends had a surgery so we went to visit him. After the visit we went to Lincoln Road to see a movie. My other friends Jose and Joel joined us as well. We saw “The Secret Life of Bees”. The move was very nice and touching. However, something went wrong with the tape so we could not see the finish. It is so irritating when you sit there for 2 hours watching a good movie and the tape breaks 10 minutes before the movie ends. We got 3 free tickets each for the inconvenience, but that was not the point.

After the movie I went clubbing with some other friends. I stayed dancing and clubbing till 5:00am, went home to take a shower, change, pack and went directly to the airport. Yeah, no sleep. Well, this is not the first time. I had a wonderful time in Miami. I really focused on myself, relaxed, enjoyed, had lots of great fun and met amazing people and I hope that some of them will become my good friends.


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