Posted by: Thomas | November 1, 2008

Other wonderful day in Miami

Saturday – very nice and beautiful day. Of course, first I went to the beach with one of my friends, Nelson. Since he had to work he could not stay long. I got a very nice sun tan today. My other friends, Will and others came to the beach around 4pm to play volleyball. It is just nice to sit on the beach, look at the ocean, feel the sun and the wind and talk to your friends. After the beach I went home to change and get ready for the night. At around 10pm it started to rain so bad, just like that, out of the blue. My friend Will picked me up and we went to South Beach first for some drinks, then we went to a private costume party.

When we arrived to this private party, which took place in Miami Beach, the first thing I saw was the huge beautiful house that the party was at. The security guards were on the entrance gate and asked us if we were on the list. Since it was raining a little their list was wet and they could not see the names clearly, so they just looked at us and then let us in. They asked us who invited us and fortunately my friend knew the names of the owners, so they let us in.

When we passed the gate a Rolls Royce was parked in front of the house with a few other cars. The house was gorgeous and huge. Three floors, and each floor had about 20 rooms. There were security guards on each corner and every 2 feet there was a guard. The rooms were enormous in the house with all antic furniture. There were hundreds of guests dancing and playing a fool. There was a guy in the corner playing drums. Free open bar. When we went through the house on the other side behind the house there was a big pool. The house was right on the water, so the view of Miami was fantastic. And of course behind the house there was a big Yacht parked. Wow, these people must be very rich. The Yacht alone costs about 10 million dollars I would say. I have never been inside the house of this type before, so this was my very first time, but not last I hope. I wish I had so much money so I can have a great house and a Yacht in front of it. We stayed there for like half an hour and then we drove to downtown Miami to some great discothèque.

The music in the club was great and we danced a lot. Christina, Puerto Rican girl, and I were dancing together like nobody was watching. There were so many nice and beautiful people at the club. I met one wonderful person and we clicked immediately and had so much fun together all night. Around 7am we left the club and went to a Dinner’s to have some breakfast. We both felt hungry. It was a wonderful experience and I was so happy and glad I went there.


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