Posted by: Thomas | October 30, 2008

One and Only, Tina Turner, 69, Miami, Live in Concert

Yeah, today was the day and I could not wait for 7pm and for the concert to start. I also convinced 3 of my friends to go and see her as well. Unfortunately they could not get the tickets next to me on the floor, so they had to be little further up. First we drove all over SOBE (South Beach) and met with lots of people. Then after dinner we went to the concert. I was even more excited than before. Just the feeling that I am there among 20,000 other people who will see her and that she will come out and sing, perform and entertain us with her great energy and attitude. Wow, I can’t even describe how happy I am. She gives me so much positive energy that is unbelievable. I talked to people that were sitting around me and they all felt the same way.

Suddenly the music started and we could hear Tina singing “Get Back”. Then the lights dimmed and she appeared on the stage singing “Steamy Windows”. She looked indeed like a Queen. Oh Lord of Mercy, she is incredible. I started screaming as soon as she appeared on the stage. I jumped from my seat and started dancing and jumping, screaming, yelling – “Tina, Tina”, singing with her, crying, smiling for all 2 hours without stop. Oh she made me and all the rest very happy and satisfied. The show was incredible and great. Absolutely Fabulous. Her positive energy, her style, her attitude, her dance, her performance, her voice, her smile, her legs, her cloths, her everything was just incredible and great and made me feel like the most happiest person in the entire Universe. That feeling is priceless, and there are not so many people who can make one feel like that. I wish I knew how to describe in plain English how I felt and what she means to me. The feeling is great and what is important to me is that she makes me feel good and happy all the time. Life is too short for drama and being unhappy, and how short it will be nobody knows. She sang all my favorite songs, and after the concert I could not talk because I lost my voice screaming and singing. My friends said that they have never seen anything like that before. They have been on other shows like Madonna and others and they said that this show is far the best show ever and everyone was surprised that she still have the same energy and looks the same as when she was 20. This tour is Tina Turner’s 50th anniversary tour and was one of the greatest shows on Earth. I can not wait for the next show when I am going to see her. Yes, I am going to see her a few more times. I got great floor tickets for the show on November 17th, 2008 in Boston. Oh yeah, Boston here we come. J Tina Turner, you are simply the best and I love you, and thank you very much for just being you.


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