Posted by: Thomas | October 29, 2008

Waiting for delayed bag

Although I got home around 6:30am this morning I still managed to get up around 10am. I am supposed to receive my bag today between 8am till 2pm, and I needed my bag because I had everything that I need in it. I was at the pool area, gym, surfing internet and just relaxing and of course waiting for my bag. Unfortunately each time I call them to see where the bag is they never tell me the exact location. And each time they have to tell me things that I already know, like for example, that my bag was black, and that I was travelling from New York via Washington, and all of that crap that I know. And then they always need to thank me for being Premier Member and tell me how much they appreciate doing business with me.

After 3rd time, I just interrupted the person and told him that I was so not interested in the things I already know. What I am interested in is receiving my bag quick. He apologized and said he would call the driver. Hm, this makes me wonder. First 2 times I called they told me they don’t know the number to the driver and they could not locate the bag and tell me exactly when it would be delivered, but when I bitched they immediately told me that they would call the driver and then they called me back telling me that the driver is on his way and will arrive to my place around 4pm. Hm, very interesting. So, conclusion – bitching is good some times.

Anyway, I was so mad. When I finally got my bag I immediately changed and went to the beach. The beach was great and I was happy and glad again. J I just stayed for an hour and then went to a bar on Ocean drive to meet with some friends and just have fun. We went to eat dinner on Lincoln Road and then we went clubbing on South Beach.

Before the club we were invited to a private pool Halloween party. It started at 7pm and we stayed until 10pm. It was very nice, lots of sexy people, free alcohol, pool, palm trees, nice breeze. Then we went to my friend’s penthouse to continue party. His apartment was on 40th floor and had floor to sealing windows with 180 degree view of Miami and the Bay. Beautiful. Everyone had so much fun. There were a few gorgeous ladies from Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Oh, yeah, we had so much fun together. Then we went clubbing on the Beach. Yeah, another great night.


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