Posted by: Thomas | October 28, 2008

New York – Miami

Yeah, I am so excited about this trip. First, it is Miami – one of mine favorite destinations. Second, I am going to see Tina Turner once again. Yeah, I am so happy and excited. Yes, I have seen her just recently in Chicago and the concert was fantastic. Click here to read about the extraordinary lady and the concert.

My flight from La Guardia, New York was scheduled for 9:30am; however, due to weather conditions the flight was cancelled and I was re-booked for another flight at 9:50am instead. New York was cold and rainy today. Due to these weather conditions my re-scheduled flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. I almost missed my connection flight in Washington DC. We arrived around 12:10pm at Dulles airport, Washington DC and my next flight was at 12:30pm to Miami. I managed to get onboard that flight and I was very happy.

However, I knew that something would go wrong with my check in bag. And of course, my bag didn’t show up in Miami. I was little mad, but still glad I was in sunny Miami. I had to describe my bag, like it was a suspect or something, and they told me I would receive my bag sometime tomorrow since the next flight arrives around 11pm.

One of my best friends, Jose, who lives in Miami, picked me up and we directly went to South Beach. We had late lunch at Lincoln Road in South Beach and I loved it. Then we went to the Ocean Drive to have some drinks and then I went to buy some shirts since I didn’t have anything with me.

South Beach, Miami is a great gate-away destination. It is so much fun over there, great weather and I just love it. Later that night we went to a club there was a Latin party. My passion is to dance Latin dances and tonight I was dancing like nobody was watching. Oh, so much fun. I met so many people. And of course everyone was surprised at my salsa dancing skills since I am not latino. I love getting those compliments. They are like food for me. J Anyway, the night was great. I met lots of nice people and got home pretty early in the morning, around 6:30am.


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