Posted by: Thomas | October 24, 2008

Friday Night

Today I worked from home, since I was working like crazy for the past few weeks. It was good. After work I took it very easy. I relaxed, watched TV and went to the gym. I love going to the gym when I see some progress, and yes, oh yeah, I am getting back into the shape. I got 5 pounds of lean muscle just for a few weeks now. I am going to the gym regularly (daily). J Yes, I am dedicated – at least for now, and we will see how it will progress. After the gym I was listening to some music – Tina Turner of course – and then I went out with one of my friends. We went to a dance club to dance some Salsa and Latin dances. Oh yeah, I had blast and lots of fun. I love dancing. I met some other of my friends at the club, and they all said that they love dancing with me and that I am a great dancer. All of them are Latin and very good dancers themselves. Nobody can believe I am European and from Sweden. They think I am Latin. Also, nobody could keep up with me. They all said that they never seen so much energy and that I could dance all night long without any break whatsoever. And the club closed early, like 4am, usually I dance till 6am or even 8am most of the time. There were no after parties tonight, so I got home early, around 5am. I had a very nice Friday Night.


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