Posted by: Thomas | October 17, 2008

Tina Turner Tickets – Germany

Yeah, today I got great seats for Tina Turner concert live in Cologne, Germany. Oh yeah. I am so happy since the whole European tour is totally sold out. OK, I paid a lot, a couple of thousands, but these two tickets are in center and just in front of the stage. My mom and I are going. I am inviting her and I always wanted to go out to such big concert and event with my mother. I have planned everything out. First, I am flying to Sweden to visit my parents, then my dear lovely mom and I are taking a train (Euro train) from Copenhagen to Cologne, Germany. The journey is about 10 hours one way, but I want to spend some quality time with my mom. So we will travel together, talk, relax, laugh and just have a wonderful time.

I am so excited about this. My mom is excided as well, and she agreed to do everything I say. Meaning, I want to take her to best places, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. and just enjoy the weekend with her. She is looking forward to party with her son of course. And then we are going to see the one and only Queen of all Queens, Tina Turner, live in concert. Oh, wow, I just want to scream now of happiness. WOW.

Anyway, I am happy I got great seats for Tina Turner. Well the show is her 4th night in Cologne, on January 19th, 2009. Unfortunately I could not get any other days for previous nights, but it is fine. I know it will be just absolutely fabulous. These two amazing women, my dear mom and Tina Turner, are incredible and they both mean so much in my life. My mom gave me everything and put me through school and gave me everything I ever wanted, and she still does support me in every single way she only can, and gives me everything I need and want, and she gives me something that is priceless of all things – LOVE. And Ms Turner, with her appearance, music, performance and persona, she gives me so much power to do even more in life and she makes me happy when I feel down – I just need to listen to one of Tina Turner songs and I am HAPPY. Thank you both for just existing.


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