Posted by: Thomas | October 4, 2008

The Queen, Tina Turner, 69, Still Rocks Live in Concert

Amazing and incredible Ms. Tina Turner rocked tonight in Chicago live in concert. She is simply the best and the greatest person ever. She is going to be 69 years young just next month and she still looks fabulous and fantastic. Her legs are still the best legs I have ever seen. Her voice is better than ever. Her positive energy is amazing. I hope to have at least as half as much good energy like she has when I am 70.

Wow, yes, just wow. Seeing Tina Turner live in concert is something extraordinary and very special. I feel special and so lucky to have the opportunity to see her one more time live in concert. Last time I saw her was on her Farwell tour year 2000. I saw her twice, once in Germany and the second time in Sweden and I had an amazing time. This concert was great as well. She really can deliver and she creates such a great atmosphere and energy and she leaves the audience with the big smile of happiness and joy on their face when they leave the arena.

One and only Ms. Turner started the concert with “Steamy Windows” and delivered incredible performance. She performed 20 wonderful songs such as “Typical Male”, “River Deep, Mountain High”, “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, “Private Dancer”, “Acid Queen”, “Help”, “Undercover Agent for the Blues” – and this song she sang for Tom Cruz. Oprah and Tom Cruz were guests last night, so tonight she said that she sang this song for Tom, and that tonight once again she will sing it for Tom – and she looked at me like she knew my name was Tom 😉

When she started to sing “Let’s Stay Together” everyone in the audience, all 18 000 people, start screaming. She did an incredible version of “I Can’t Stand the Rain” supported by piano only, and this version was even better than the original. Then of course she performed one of the best songs ever made “Adicted to Love”, “The Best”, “Proud Mary”, “Nutbush City Limits” and she finished the concert with a nice song called “Be Tender with Me Baby”. I loved every single song. She had also a small intermission. The concert was 150 minutes, oh yeah, 2 hours and 30 minutes of Tina Turner. Her four female dancers were incredible. She always has 4 female dancers and she refers to them as her flowers. This time she also had some male acrobatic dancers that were entertaining.

Tina Turner is indeed one and only and simply the best. I can’t really explain in words my feelings and how it was to see her once again live on stage performing. It is just incredible and everyone should go and see her. Her energy is indescribable.

Tina Turner is a singer, songwriter, dancer, performer and actress. She has won eight Grammy Awards. Ms. Turner’s consistent contributions to rock music have earned her the title “The Queen of Rock & Roll”. She has also performed R&B, soul, dance and pop music. She was listed on Rolling Stone’s list The Immortals — The Greatest Artists of All Time.
Tina Turner has sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer ever. Turner’s world tour Break Every Rule Tour had record breaking ticket sales, visited by over four million fans. Her 1996 Wildest Dreams Tour was performed to 3.5 million people. Her “One Last Time Tour” was year 2000 or “Twenty Four Seven Tour” was the highest grossing tour of the year and is the 5th biggest grossing tour in America ever. She also holds record of performing in front of 186 000 people in Rio de Janeiro. Yeah, she is simple the Best and I simply love her.

Below are some pictures and a video from the concert.

I love you Tina Turner very much and you are my inspiration, motivation and you give me all this positive and great energy I have today. Thank you Tina very much and please never retire and I am so looking forward to see you again very soon live in concert. Thank You Tina.

The following are the songs that she sang live in concert in Chicago:

Get Back
Steamy Windows
Typical Male
River Deep, Mountain High
What You Get is What You See
Better Be Good to Me
Acid Queen
What’s Love Got to Do With It
Private Dancer
We Don’t Need Another Hero
I Can’t Stand the Rain
Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Only Rock and Roll
Golden Eye
Addicted to Love
The Best
Proud Mary
Nutbush City Limits
Be Tender with Me Baby



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  2. I’d wish that I would have seen here live.
    Sadly I did not, if she wont make new turnee again.

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