Posted by: Thomas | September 24, 2008

Broadway Night

Tonight we went to see a Broadway Show, The Little Mermaid. Wow, the show was fantastic. This is my first time to see The Little Mermaid. We had excellent Orchestra center seats in the front, which we booked about two months ago, while I was in India. The show was great and my favorite song was “Under the Sea”. Other songs such as “Les Poissons” performed by the big chef were fun too. The show was good and the audience seemed to love the show. They did an excellent job with the Octopus and the costumes.

There was a little young girl sitting just next to me with her mother. She was maybe 3 or 4 years old. Very sweet girl with long curly blond hair. Anyway, when the bad evil octopus witch named Ursula came out, the little girl got scared. The scene was little scary and it was dark in the theater, and the music was frightening. The little girl started crying and said that she wanted to go. When her mom asked her where she wanted to go, the little girl just said with little attitude, which was very sweet by the way, and her long curly hair was shaking when she moved her head: “I wanna go anywhere.”

That was so sweet. She just stopped crying and directly answered to her mom: “I wanna go anywhere.” J I just started laughing. The kids are fun … sometimes.


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