Posted by: Thomas | September 12, 2008


Even though it was a raining day today I still had lots of fun. First I went to the gym to do some cardio. I did this first thing in the morning when I woke up. My goal is to build some muscles, so the first thing in the morning one should do is to exercise. Then the appetite gets bigger. Then after a big breakfast I went out shopping of course. Today I just bought a Blue Ray Disk Player and some other small things. It was poring rain, but that didn’t stop me of walking from one store to another.

Then I went to the gym again with a friend of mine to do some back and shoulder exercises. Since none of my friends didn’t want to go out tonight I went by myself, and I had a blast. It was an amazing night. The club had 4 dance floors and on one they played Latin Music, which I love. The played Salsa, Merenge, etc. A girl asked me for a dance and when we started Salsa, everyone wanted to dance with me. One of her friends asked me to dance with her as well; so there I was dancing with two beautiful girls at the same time. Oh, I had so much fun.


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