Posted by: Thomas | September 9, 2008

Night Out with Michelle and Sid

What a day and night. I loved and enjoyed every single moment of today. Sid and I had a bet, which he lost by the way, and now he has to pay for dinner. Since Buddha Bar restaurant in Meatpacking district is one of my favorites we went there for dinner. Buddha Bar is one of the top restaurants in New York City. The food is excellent and service is great. Both Michelle and Sid liked the place.

Even though the bet was just between Sid and me, somehow Michelle came along. Michelle is currently acting as Sid’s personal trainer and motivator since he is competing soon against Anand and he needs to get back in shape. Hm, “back in shape?” … well, let’s just say that he needs to get in shape. Anyway, we had an excellent dinner and during the dinner Sid made another bet with me, which he lost immediately. Poor guy, he hasn’t event paid for this dinner and already lost another one. A song was playing and I said that I liked the music and that it was in Arabic. Sid said that it was a Spanish song. Of course, I, who have lots of passion for Spanish and Latin music would know the difference, took this opportunity to bet with him. He lost of course.

Michelle wanted to see a celebrity, so I called a friend of mine to put us on the guest list for Marquee tonight. Marquee is one of top clubs in New York and lots of celebrities go there, especially during the fashion week.

After the dinner we went to my favorite club, Marquee. Since it is fashion week in New York this week all fashion icons are in town and of course everyone goes to Marquee, so I knew we would see someone famous. When we went in the first person we saw was Heidi Klum. She looked amazing. I love Heidi Klum. She is so nice.

Heidi Klum is a German supermodel, actor, TV presenter, television producer, fashion designer and currently hostess of Project Runway and Germany’s Next Topmodel shows.

Heidi left the club early, around midnight. The club was packed and we really had lots of fun. Nolé Marin was there as well. He recognized me and said hi. I met him actually through one of my good friends on the last year fashion show and occasionally I see him on the fashion show after parties. I saw him this Friday at Nikki’s at the Venexiana after show party.

Nolé Marin is one of the many fashion editors of ELLE magazine, and he is a common public figure in the fashion industry. He is most famous as a judge on the America’s Next Top Model.

Yeah, it was a great night. Both Michelle (also known as Nicole) and Sid had lots of fun. Everything was great until Sid did something so stupid that he got kicked out from the club by the security. Of course, Michelle and I pretended like we didn’t know him. But then we left the club immediately. We didn’t want him to be by himself. Still an excellent night full of great memories.


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