Posted by: Thomas | August 16, 2008

A Wonderful Day in Kolkata

Today was a wonderful day. After a great and healthy breakfast we visited the Queen Victoria Memorial, which was a very beautiful museum and one of the top tourist attractions today. The Victoria Memorial is a memorial of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who was also an Empress of India.
After the memorial we went to the Planetarium and then to the St. John’s Church. The Birla Planetarium is apparently one of the biggest in Asia. This was my first time to visit such a place and to see the Solar System, the stars and planets. It was very nice; however, I understood half of what the guide said even if she spoke in English. She had a very heavy Indian accent. We visited some temples, old parts of the city and really enjoyed the day. We also took the subway on our own. Yeah. The subway was really packed. It was much worse than in New York. We just took the subway to the next random stop. On the way back to the hotel we drove through China Town. When we got to our hotel room we found a big bouquet of flowers and a card. The card was personal and it was very nice of the hotel personal to give us the flowers and the card. Before the dinner we went to a spa to relax after a wonderful day in Kolkata. Below are some pictures from today.


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