Posted by: Thomas | August 13, 2008

Argie’s Baklava

I want baklava that Argie makes. And I want it now. I woke up today with Argie’s baklava on my mind. Actually I have been waking up many times with food on my mind especially cakes or pastries like baklava. My mom makes good baklava; however, Argie’s one is the best so far. Anyway, let me go back to my dreams … oh, that great rich pastry made of paper-thin sheets of raw, unleavened flour dough filled with chopped walnuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. 



  1. Promise you a batch when you get back 🙂

  2. Promise? OK, great 🙂 Thank you

  3. Argie posting at 3am? Did we switch schedules? heheh.

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