Posted by: Thomas | August 11, 2008

Mumbai – Bangalore

We extended our trip in Mumbai by another day. Even though it was raining a lot today as well as all the other days, there were lots of people outside on the streets. I guess the absence of the sun is no reason not to have fun. We went to South of Mumbai, an area called Colaba, which is the most popular area in Mumbai. We just cruised around for a little while since we had to go to the airport to catch the flight to Bangalore. Although all the books I have read talks about how great nightlife Mumbai has, I personally haven’t experienced the great and “never-sleeping” Mumbai. However, we really had lots of fun and we both liked it.

Back in Bangalore my driver supposed to wait for me, but nobody called me to inform me that he could not come and that another driver would pick me up. I tried to call my driver but his cell phone was switched off. Since we didn’t know that someone else would wait for me we took airport taxi back to the hotel. We landed at about 8:00pm. At 10:00pm the manager of the car rental company calls and asking me where I am and telling me that a driver is till waiting for me on the airport. Hm, very interesting. Sometimes I really don’t understand how some people function. I explained to him that nobody called me to inform me about the change and that I took the taxi. He apologized for the misunderstanding.


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