Posted by: Thomas | August 10, 2008

Rainy Day in Mumbai

Since this is Monsoon Season it rains in Mumbai (Bombay) every single day. So there were not so many options for us to do but to rest and rest little bit more. We went to the spa again at the ITC Grand Central Luxurious Collection Hotel where we are staying and we got anti-stress massage, which was great and I really enjoyed it. We watched the 29th Olympic Games hosted in Beijing, China. We watched some different sports and enjoyed the games. In the evening we went to a shopping mall called Phoenix. There we eat dinner at the Noodle restaurant and looked at some shopping stores. We could not find anything we liked so we called our driver for the day to take us back to the hotel. At the hotel we went for some drinks, enjoyed our suite, ordered some fruits and utilized our butler service. It was really nice to just do nothing, just rest and enjoy. Tomorrow we are going back to Bangalore for a few days before we head to Kolkata. Below are some pictures from our suite and me doing some workout exercise in the living room.


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