Posted by: Thomas | August 7, 2008

Power Outage in Bangalore

What’s the deal with the power outage in Bangalore? It is happening every 5 minutes for about 2-3 seconds, and it is so irritating and frustrating especially if you are watching an exciting movie. First I was watching “When Stranger Calls” and then “Net 2.0” and both of the movies were good, scary and exciting. And puff … power off … 3 seconds later … power on …. A very interesting scene, scary music and I can’t wait to see what’s happening … puff power off … very dark in the room since it is middle of the night (the only time I have a couple of hours to rest by the way), scary movie and even scarier in the house. I screamed and yelled and got so frustrating that I started to talk to myself. This is sign of insanity and a sign for me to go back home to New York.

I really don’t know how I have pulled up with this for the last 4 months. At the beginning was very tough, especially those unforgettable experiences with the commissioner office and auto (tuk-tuk) drivers. Now when I live in the middle of “happenings” in Bangalore at Brigade road close to Garuda Shopping Mall – NOTE: I am being very sarcastic here since there are no happenings in Bangalore whatsoever – my driver drops me off and I can just walk to the nearest restaurant without having to deal with those annoying tuk-tuk drivers. Since I am extremely hungry in the evenings after work because I literally starved the entire day I can’t deal with the auto drivers.

Pizza for lunch is my food almost every day and my protein bars. Wow, that’s why I have lost about 20lbs or even more in lean muscle. Yeah, I was muscular before and now … oh, I am so happy my parents are not here to see me like this. Then tired and exhausted you get home to continue your work, because New York has started their working day and one have to be on the top all the time and keep up, the power goes on and off. And this repeats every single day. Oh, it’s really not easy to be me right now, but still I would not change it with anybody else.



  1. Yeah I know how frustrating it can get (the power cuts).
    I will be happily gaming on my PC and poof its gone and then I go through the “rigorous” process of shut down. Once am done *BAM* it’s back and in case I decide to wait for the power to come back.. it doesn’t come!

    Talking about “happening”
    Bangalore used to called the pub city of India.. oh ya, but that was a time when there were no 11pm deadlines, ban on dancing, and fewer people around 🙂

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