Posted by: Thomas | August 6, 2008

No Dancing in Bangalore

Unbelievable. If someone would have told me that there is no dancing allowed at night clubs in Bangalore I really honestly would not believe it, but since I have witnessed it with my own eyes I believe it. Actually, I still cannot believe it. No dancing or laud music allowed in night clubs in Bangalore. Apparently this is a new law. It is getting better and better. First there is a law that all pubs and clubs must close at 11:30pm and now there is a law against dancing. No laud music or dancing allowed in Bangalore clubs and pubs. What is this?

OK, this is what happened. My friend and I went to this club called Taika for a drink and to dance of course. At the door there was another friend of mine and since I didn’t hear the music I asked if there was anything happening tonight. He just started laughing and said that dancing is not allowed in Bangalore any more. At first I didn’t believe him. I asked again and he said that it was true. I thought he was teasing me since he knows how much I love to dance. After the security guys and other people told me the same thing I still could not believe what I was hearing. We went inside and the club was kind a half full surprisingly but no music and no dancing. This is so sad. What is even sadder and more shocking for me is that they had a game called “speed dating” there you take a number and you get 3 minutes to “date” or talk to the person. What is this? Fifth grade? I remember playing this in high school. And 3 minutes? Come on that’s eternity for me especially if you are not into the person – I just need 10 seconds. Then we go from there. J

I am so disappointed on this city they call capital of IT. And officially today I declare Bangalore as the worst city in the world. What is next? They are going to have a ban on laughing?

No dancing? You can be arrested for dancing. You also cannot play music that provokes dancing. The bar and pub owners have had to put sofas and fill spaces to prevent customers from dancing. Apparently the bar and pub owners get nervous even if their clients tap their feet since you can be arrested. But what if you have happy feet?  

The Deputy Commissioner of Police says that the new law is for the good of the people. He is wondering why people should stay out late and spoil their own health. Poor Bangaloreans. I am so happy I am leaving this place very soon; I think I am leaving sooner that I anticipated. My sympathies for all people in Bangalore who can no longer dance in joy and happiness or break out into a jig over the next outsourced job.

Welcome to Bangalore.



  1. Hello Thomas,
    I am from Bangalore Mirror, I am also puzzled by the ban like you.
    I wanted to know if I could use this post for Blog Talk section in our paper. Please do let me know if you are okay with it, my email id is, nt[dot]balanarayan[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. I’m in Bangalore right now, and I confirm the dance ban is really a nightmare here for dance addict, but there are still people who resists and dance. I was able to find salsa and rock and roll parties through friends, but that’s true it ends really early (midnight max). So I’m supporting also all the Bangaloreans in there quest for healthy nightlife!

    • Hi Stibbons- I have recently moved to Bangalore and I too am thoroughly shocked and appalled by the lack of nightlife…you say you found salsa and rock&roll parties through friends- were these private parties or more public ones? Any help on ways to find decent nightlife to enjoy would be much appreciated!

  3. Bangalore is pathetic. I can’t wait to get out of here. Worst city I’ve ever lived in by far, and I’ve lived all over the world.

  4. u wanna see a dance floor without dance……..take a sip to banglore night life…….

  5. I posted some thoughts about bans on dancing today.

    Dr. B

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