Posted by: Thomas | July 25, 2008

Multiple Blasts in Bangalore

There were multiple bomb blasts today in Bangalore, India. The first bomb explosion happened at around 1:30pm today close to the famous Forum Mall, which is the major shopping destination in Bangalore. There were in total 9 blasts. A couple of people were killed and several injured. There are lots of theories and it is too early to say what really happened. However, preliminary investigations show that the bombs were attached to some kind of a timer device and were triggered off by a mobile phone. A similar pattern was used in other locations in India.

I was in the office today when this happened. Since I was working a lot lately and didn’t have any sleep for a few weeks now I wanted to leave the office early today around 1:30pm or 2pm, which was the time when the blasts happened. But thanks to so much work I could not leave around 1:30pm as planned so I stayed longer, and that was really good since the road that I take every day to and from the office was attacked. Two bombs were exploded on that road. Sometimes having lots of work is a very good thing.

You know, I was just thinking today how long it takes for a person to just get born, like 9 long months. Then it takes 18 years for a person to grow and so many more years to mature and learn something and just to become a person. It is a very long and crazy process. And yet it takes just a fraction of a second and a few inches under the earth so that the same person disappears from this wonderful planet we call earth, and gets forgotten like he or she has never existed before. Yeah, just like that.

We all are rushing somewhere. We are dying to finish our high school and start university. Then we were dying to finish university and start working and earn money. Then we were dying to get married and have children – well not me obviously, but many others. Then people are dying for their children to grow old enough so that they could go back to work. Then we are dying to retire. And before we know we are actually dying and suddenly we realize that we forgot to live. Wow, what a life, full of dying. We somehow forget to appreciate the current situation and forget to enjoy each and every day like it was our last.


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