Posted by: Thomas | July 19, 2008

Customer Support Stories

Today I met with a friend who works as a customer support help desk guy for a couple of companies. One of those guys we all call when we have some problems with our subscriptions, computer, internet, credit card, etc. Anyway, he told me so many stories and how they all laugh at some customers and they even put them on the speaker phone so it gets little entertaining for them. Here are a couple of stories that I found very interesting and funny.

There was an older lady from North Carolina who apparently called customer support desk to get help with her internet connection that didn’t work. My friend picked up the call and asked her how he could help. She said that she is in front of the computer and that her internet connection and her computer were not working properly. My friend, the customer support help desk guy, told her to close all the open windows. She said, on his surprise, that it would take her a while and that she would be right back. After a few minutes she came back and she was breathing very heavily in the phone. She said that she was very tired because she had a 4-story house and it took her a while to close all of the windows in the house. Then she asked him if there was anything else she should close in the house. The help desk guy asked her why she closed windows in the house. He apologized and said that he meant open pages on the computer. She said she was wondering how he knew it was cloudy in her town and she thought that closing all the windows in the house would help to have better internet connection. She hung up and said she would call later. This was a good laugh for me.

Another lady called customer service to cancel her credit card. When my friend answered she said that she called earlier and that her call was transferred to India and that she was afraid to give social security number so she hung up immediately and she was wondering why an Indian would have her personal information when the bank is only American and based only in America. My friend apparently put her on mute and started laughing, since he is based out of Bangalore, India and she didn’t know that. When she asked where he was based from, he said from California but could not disclose any more information. Then she kept talking about security and she told him how glad and safe she felt when my friend picked up the call and that she could trust him. Well, he is also based from India, probably a guy next to the one who answered previously. The only difference was that he didn’t have strong Indian accent.


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