Posted by: Thomas | July 18, 2008

Party with coworkers

After a very long day at the office 3 colleagues of mine and I decided to go out for some drinks. We left the office around 6:30pm today. It was also one of the guys birthday this week, so another reason for celebration. We had a couple of drinks at my place first then we went to Garuda Shopping Mall to have some fast food. I wanted to take out some money and my debit card was invalid. I tried my second debit card and the ATM machine said that the card was invalid. There was another ATM machine just around the corner so I tried that machine. I put my debit VISA card and the ATM machine retained my card because it was invalid. This had happened to me before, 9 years ago in Bangkok and I promised myself I would never use the ATM machines that you have to insert your card instead of swipe it. But since I could use my card before here I thought it would be OK. It was embarrassing, but I had my credit cards so I was OK.

I tried to call the bank but my phone didn’t work of some reason. I could only send e-mails. I had another 2 phones that I use here in India and none of them worked. What a night. Well, I decided to ignore all of that and to just have a great time with my coworkers. So, Nitin (birthday boy), Pawen, Rahi and I had a subway sandwich at the Garuda Shopping Mall and then we left to Le Rock café for some drinks. Le Rock pub hosted some kind of live rock concert and it was full and there was no space, so we went to Taika, another night club. I opened the tab with one of my working credit cards and we had blast. We danced a lot. The music was good and we had a good time.

Unfortunately the fun lasted only for 2 hours, since the clubs here close at 11:30pm. We went home to my place to continue party. We had few drinks and good talk about work, life and everything. It was very nice talking to my coworkers outside of work. One can learn much more about each other and get different perspectives on the team and work. They acknowledged that they liked being on the project very much and that the team is very unique and very different from other teams at the Bangalore office. Apparently other teams are not that integrated as our teams and they said that they are looking forward to be part of the team. They said they were positively surprised that someone in my position would have lunches with them, would sit with them until the problems were resolved and give them more than 100% attention and provide all necessary support and help them solve their problems and teach them different technologies and things. They said that I made the spirit and atmosphere in the team a great one and that they are vary happy being part of such team and love working with me. I was very happy and pleased to hear that. Also, they said they will be very sad when I leave. Well, that’s life I guess.


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