Posted by: Thomas | July 13, 2008

Colombo, Sri Lanka

We got home very late last night, around 4:00am, and we missed our pick up at 6:00am this morning. We supposed to drive to Elephant Orphanage, which is apparently very nice and it is about 2 hours drive from Colombo. Since we are here only for a very short period of time, just over the weekend, we haven’t had so much time to see other parts of Sri Lanka, but we saw Colombo. Today we spent some time at the hotel. We were resting our bones next to the pool and getting some suntan. Unfortunately I cut myself in the pool. There was a cracked tile in the middle of the pool and when I was walking I cut my foot. It was a small cut but it was bleeding a lot. The hotel personal was very helpful and they start helping me immediately. They stopped the bleeding; put some medicine on the cut and made me feel better. Everyone in the hotel was asking me how I felt and if I needed anything. They came to the room later at the day and checked upon me. Very nice.


 I cut myself in a pool

People in Sri Lanka are very nice and friendly. They are actually more relaxed than Indians. The personal at the hotel really made our stay nice and memorable. At the executive lounge we met a couple from England. They were very interesting and had lots of stories to tell. They were around 25 years young and been traveling around Asia for 2 years. We exchanged our travel stories, laughed and had a very good pre-dinner time at the executive lounge.

We ate at the top Japanese restaurants in Colombo. The chef was good and he was cooking and preparing the food in front of us. The food was great and very tasty. Since there are few places we definitely want to visit in Sri Lanka, like Elephant Orphanage, Kandy and some other places we might came back in a couple of weeks again.


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