Posted by: Thomas | July 2, 2008

Long working days

Usually I write about my travels, different places, humoristic stories, but not so much about work. There are a few reasons for that and let’s just say that, even though I like and enjoy my work very much, I enjoy traveling much more. My working days are very long. I wake up at 7am each day and around 7:30am my driver picks me up and that is when I start working. In the car on my way to the office I check my e-mails on my blackberry. Yes, blackberry is the best and the worst thing that could happen to me. I am constantly using it. I start using it as soon as I open my eyes and I stop using it when I am asleep. I have realized that this is very bad and that it became a bad habit for me, but I just can’t help it. I am kind of a person who likes to get things done immediately and always be on top of the things.

I arrive to the office around 8:30am and that’s when craziness starts. I am very busy helping; supporting and mentoring other team members, since they are very young and don’t have so much experience. I am literally running in the office from person to person and everyone is always asking me questions, which I like. I love to be the one that people always come to and can relay on, but sometimes it becomes too much. On top of teaching other members how they should do their work, I have my own tasks to complete. The day passes by so fast that before I know it is time to go for dinner, and usually my stomach is very good in reminding me that is time for dinner. Since there are no restaurants around the office I only eat pizza and sometimes some other Indian food that is not that good during the lunch and I get very hungry by dinner time. I am grateful for power and protein bars. They help.

For the last few weeks I was leaving office around 9:00pm. As soon as I get home I start working again. Well, since there is 9.5 hours time difference between New York and Bangalore when we are finishing our working day here in Bangalore, New York office is starting their day. I try to attend most of the meetings, which are usually in the evenings around 11:00pm. I try to complete my tasks and plan for the next day each evening. I go to bed around 1:30am 2:00am very exhausted. Then I get up at 7:00am again and do it all over again. I like my job and that is why I am working 17 hours a day. Since I work long hours each day during the weekdays I usually try to fly and go somewhere during the weekends.

Work has always been priority for me though and I am a very responsible person. I like to improve myself each day by a few percent, and I take my job very seriously no matter what job that might be. Anyway, I like my job and I like what I am doing.   


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